Upgrade in the Living Room

I have a little discretionary money so I am looking around the house to see about some upgrades. I have many choices. Things seem to fall apart even when not in much use. The kitchen cabinets could use a refinishing and I could add some new pulls. The cabinets are starting to show a lot of wear and tear. The stain has faded in many places and it looks a bit tacky. Then there is the bathroom faucet. While not bad looking, it leaks on a regular basis and in my mind’s eye I see the water bill increasing proportionately. Plus, it is just plain wasteful. Let’s be ecologically minded when we can, shall we? I keep looking and start thinking I need new shelves in the den for the overload of books I have being stored in the dank and damp basement. This can’t be good for the longevity of the paper. What else is there? A lot more. The bedroom could use a new headboard. The one I have is for a double bed and now I own a queen. This is a no brainer. I could use a new TV, too, one larger than the 24 inch model I now have and practically can’t see from afar. People are going grand with TVs these days: the bigger, the better.

Let’s keep making the rounds. How about a new microwave, one that matches my stainless steel appliances. How about a new coffeemaker, although frankly I rather enjoy going to the local coffee bar each morning where I meet up with friends. I could go for a new ceiling fan in the living room for air circulation. When it gets warm, I hate turning on the AC. I feel the same way I do about leaky faucets and lost water. Why waste energy apart from the utility bills. I love the idea of selecting the ceiling fan for looks as well, so that is the route I have chosen. This is one upgrade I am going to enjoy. The fans are so high tech nowadays. You can get the light in the center on a dimmer and you can also control the fan velocity with a handheld gadget or at the wall near the dimmer. You dictate how you want the fan to work. If you want high speed for a really hot night, so be it. For a gentle breeze, low will do fine.

There are many choices of finishes for the blades and I chose a nice medium oak stain. It looks great with the furniture. You also can select from dozens of light fixtures and I went for a simple milk glass bulb that is unobtrusive but a good design.

The living room therefore gets the upgrade this time. It gets a facelift as to décor and also gets a practical way to beat the heat. I am sure that with my long list of other desires, I will soon make some additional household changes.