Taking Back the House

I love to exercise and so does my husband. We aren’t gym rats exactly but we do have a serious interest. We don’t relish the idea of getting flabby and weak. As a result, we are both on a big health kick. We have been reading a lot about taking matters into your own hands. You hear all the scary stories about diabetes and heart disease and how younger people don’t even take good enough care of themselves these days as they are lazy or in denial. We try to eat right but have our lapses as most people do. We are trying to be better about it slowly but surely. If you aren’t strict with your nutrition, you will have to compensate with going to the gym more often. While we both enjoy the gym and all the equipment and facilities it offers, we don’t get there that much. You have to make time. You have to change clothes after work, grab a snack or you might pass out, jump in the car, drive in traffic and search for a parking space in the always full gym’s lot. Then you wait for your favorite treadmill or elliptical to become available. The wait could be ten or more minutes. It’s excrutiating when you are in a hurry, and who isn’t? You finally get on but the next person is standing right there by your side staring at your minute counter, hoping you will abort after the usual twenty minutes. I resort to cover the counter with my towel.

I can think of better ways to stay fit than the waiting game. My husband and I decided to turn the kids’ old room into a home gym. There is nothing like the ultimate convenience of having a gym in your own home. I bet we use the equipment more often, especially after making a financial commitment to a treadmill, some weights, and a pull up bar among other items. I love the idea of being able to jump on the treadmill at will and of working out any time of day or night. We also put in a TV so we could enjoy our favorite shows. It makes the time go much faster.

It was difficult to decide how to set up the gym. We hadn’t a clue. We have seen those multi-unit systems on TV and online but they take up huge amounts of space. They look wonderful but are awfully expensive. After consulting a pro, he said that a treadmill machine, some weights, some stretch straps and different size bosu balls would cover all the parts of the body we needed. What was encouraging was that the pro designed exercises for both of us to do together since they would not require the same equipment. We follow his regime to the letter and after a while, I do believe I can see some real results. A home gym is a real blessing, a convenience, and a godsend for busy people. I promise you, it will help keep you fit.