Is This Getting Older?

As a portrait photographer, I have a keen eye for details. I can detect a lot about my subject the very first time I aim the camera. Over the years, I can tell if the person is happy or sad, stressed or elated. Of course, I want to elicit their best state of mind so I talk with them before any shots are taken. Sometimes I have to be funny to put them in the right mood. I also can tell a lot about the life they have lived—if they have had a hard life or an easy road. Wrinkles for example reveal age but they also show whether the subject has experienced hard times. If they worry all the time, there is usually a deep crevasse between the eyebrows. I like signs of character and traits that make a person look interesting. If I am doing a wedding portrait, it is a different matter. The bride may need some touch up treatment. I love photographers who expose the truth. This is where my craft becomes an art form.

Lately, I have been taking a closer look at my own face. I have many selfies that show how I have gotten older over the last decade. Now what do I see in the mirror? My eyelashes for one thing have really thinned out. For some women, it is their hair but mine is still thick and wavy. The years have taken a toll elsewhere. Thanks to the cosmetic industry, there is a cure for sparse lashes. Mascara is a billion dollar world. Women use it at every age starting at age sixteen on up. Apparently, makeup is a sign of adulthood for young girls. They can choose from a dozen types from flirty and doll-like to spidery and volumizing. You can enhance thickness and length in about three seconds. I think a lot of the fun is trading off the mascara results according to what you are doing that day. Every woman swears her eyes are more beautiful. They look larger when they are lined with lashes. Coated lashes bring out facial expression. They also look glamourous and sexy.

So what if you don’t have eyelashes or they are super thin? The mascara helps but there is only so much a cosmetic product can do. My goal is not just to wear this black goo, but to grow my lashes to at least a normal length. I looked around for a good eyelash growth serum and found several choices. You can try a home remedy and get the recipe on line. You can buy something in the drugstore or beauty salon that is safe for general use. I worry about the solution getting in my eye and stinging or causing redness.

Ask the professionals what type they suggest. You will get different answers. I think it is wise to read the testimonials on the Internet. There are plenty of users who want to spill the beans on every product they use. Go for it!