An Outdoor Summer Wedding

A summer wedding reception outdoors can be beautiful. There is nothing quite like it no matter where you live. The couple no doubt will select an available venue with sprawling vistas or at least ocean or mountain views. There is always something lovely to look at. The weather should be ideal, not cold at all, but possibly a balmy summer breeze or two. There is something cheerful about outdoor weddings amidst nature in all its blooming glory. You can even have the ceremony indoors and proceed to the exterior for the rest of the festivities. It all depends on the facilities chosen. I have been to country clubs on a golf course, a vineyard, a revamped castle, and a lakeside villa. June is the month for weddings for good reason. It is the time before the heat of summer but after the spring rains. Wedding planning is an art and will take time of year into consideration. If though June is mild, there can be bugs, particularly mosquitoes afoot. Even if it is not likely, you have to be ready just in case of an unforeseen heat wave. I have been to wedding receptions in gardens where flying pests seemed to be everywhere. People were constantly swatting at them and scratching their itchy skin. It doesn’t make for good wedding photos to see the guests so agitated, and aren’t photos the point of the whole event partially anyway. The memories are often more poignant then the actual day. You make a composite collage of photos that will best portray the events that have taken place.

So what to do about getting rid of mosquitos. People have given me several options. The least popular is a spray that would be toxic to the guests, and you don’t want it near any food. Another idea was to hang purchased anti-mosquito strips around the venue, but they are unsightly. You can make your own by taking large wads of cotton and dipping them in a natural repellent such as camphor before hanging them here and there. You can purchase safe products like Terminix. It will bait, kill, and collapse backyard mosquito populations by more than 90% in just 2-3 weeks. So you could pretreat the wedding reception area. This might be difficult logistically, but it would guarantee no mosquitos. Terminix Bait & Kill is the only spray that mimics a mosquito’s natural food source – sugar from plants. Mosquitoes are drawn to the sweet bait and after feeding, they stop biting you and begin to die within 24-48 hours. It sounds effective and easy to use.

It is important that you choose a non-toxic formula is safe for people, pets, and the environment and does not attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators, which it shouldn’t if used as directed. You simply spray on green foliage and/or non-porous surfaces. Two 15 oz. cans protect areas up to 5,000 sq. ft. That could cover an entire wedding reception area.